About thirty years ago, in 1990, Michele Bertolini worked as an employee in an abrasive and polish company.

Over time, his strong temperament led him to decide to go on his own.

In the meantime, his interest, driven by his strong passion for chemistry, had moved to the sector of water purification and stone treatment.

So in 1994 he opened his first company, Gramarchimica.

Strengthened by the presence of his family, he slowly began to expand his company until 2000 when, with an important investment of time, money and above all life, he decided to create Eurokem, not only for himself but to have at his side his son Francesco and nephew Matteo.

Both inherited the same passion for chemistry, the son then put it to good use in the restaurant business, starting a brilliant career as a chef, while the nephew brilliantly followed in his uncle’s footsteps from an early age.

In 2017, Eurokem implemented its business with the opening of the Abrasives and Polishes production department managed by Matteo Vignali.

Hard work, dedication to customers and this strong passion have started this return to the origins, where it all began.

But it doesn’t stop there!

”The projects are many and our history. . . . Goes on !”