decantation accelerators

The flocculant or polyelectrolyte is a decantation accelerator.

Its use means that a natural process such as sedimentation is accelerated by the union of several mud solids thanks to the aggregation of several particles which together have a greater weight.

The range of Eurokem chemicals for water treatment includes both organic and inorganic products, formulated to meet the specific needs of customers in the most varied industrial sectors.

With tested and certified product lines, Eurokem is able to offer different technological solutions able to satisfy every type of need.

We also offer free tests to find the product closest to your needs.

EUROFLOC – EUROFLOC C is a complete line of polyelectrolytes in granular or emulsion form with anionic or cationic charge. The completeness of the range makes it possible to successfully tackle all the problems related to the sedimentation / thickening of sludge in many industrial sectors (marble and granite processing, extraction, processing of inert, paper mills, etc.).

The operation of EUROFLOC – EUROFLOC C products is based on the principle of ion exchange, in fact the product (suitably mixed with water) once injected into the processing water, creates a forced aggregation of the mud particles which, forming macro flakes , they fall quickly.

FLOCCULANT H2O – EUROFLOC H2O is an acrylamide-free product, mainly used for the dewatering of civil and industrial sludge (centrifuges, membrane filter presses, chamber filter presses, etc.). It is particularly suitable for applications where the flakes formed are subject to high shear stresses. The use of the product ensures a high clarity of the supernatant, a considerable increase in the sedimentation rate and the ability to work in a wide pH range (1-10).

WARNINGS: it is advisable to always perform a test to verify the effectiveness of the product. The product must be stored in the original containers, hermetically closed between 5 ° and 30 ° C of temperature, away from heat sources and protected from sunlight.
All information and recommendations contained herein are based on tests that we believe to be reliable; However, not knowing the conditions of the treated materials, we decline all responsibility for the suitability of the product for each particular application. In fact, it is the user’s responsibility to verify, under his own responsibility, whether the product described is suitable for the use for which it is intended and then proceed to the preliminary tests.