Over the years Eurokem, in addition to specializing more and more in the sector of water purification and material treatment, has implemented its knowledge by hiring internally “masters” of cutting and sewing. Thus was born in 2005 a new textile department within which filter cloths for filtration systems take shape.

Today the same “seamstresses” have trained the staff employed in the Eurokem packaging department, passing on that knowledge of hands that has become art.

Although machinery has evolved and modern equipment has partially replaced craftsmanship, we have not lost our roots by continuing to maintain the ability to customize the filter cloths according to various needs.

We would like to remember our history because the results and success achieved so far are the result of the constancy and love for this work demonstrated daily by all the Eurokem staff.

         “we never stop growing!”

Alba Fortunato

Our Tangueira cuts and sews at the pace of a milonga!


She is employed in the cutting and sewing department


and she mainly deals with the welding and assembly


of the cloths and under-cloths.

Andrea Basoccu

Warehouse employee, Andrea is always present


with tireless availability for functions of vital importance.


Our factotum that whizzes with a safe and fast forklift


on the Eurokem circuit.

Carmen Baila

Our Carmen, a commendable mother


who “dances” with the canvases.


Precision and punctuality these are Carmen’s main skills


in preparing the materials for production.

Gianluca Ferrari

Goodness made a person  


Always helpful and kind


Packaging and shipping department


Our gentle giant.

Josefina Joaquin

With a needle in hand to conquer the world.
The big heart and a strong character
make Jose da Santo Domingo
the difference in our company.