With Eurokem sanitizers you can counteract and prevent the formation and reappearance of mucilage and bacterial elements.

Eurokem supplies the right products and everything you need to sanitize your water.


In the presence of recycled water, the formation of algae or silt may occur, especially in the spring and summer months, especially inside the decanter silos. Such plant formations represent a problem as they could enter circulation in the system.

Sal-dis is the right product to counter this problem and prevent its reappearance.


An innovative antibacterial product available for both outdoor and indoor. It prevents the formation of moss and other forms of bacteria. It has a permanent action over time by acting in complete autonomy.

WARNINGS: it is advisable to always perform a test to check the effectiveness of the product. The product must be stored in the original containers, hermetically closed between 5 ° and 30 ° C of temperature, away from heat sources and protected from sunlight.
All information and recommendations contained herein are based on tests which we believe to be reliable; However, not knowing the conditions of the treated materials, we decline all responsibility for the suitability of the product for each particular application. In fact, it is the user’s responsibility to verify, under his own responsibility, whether the product described is suitable for the intended use and then proceed with the preliminary tests.