Our long experience has allowed us to create products of the highest quality, diversified according to the specific needs of customers and able to fully satisfy all their requests.

We can also count on countless strengths, such as:

  • Offering our know-how support and assistance to the different needs of customers guaranteed by more than 10 years of experience with free tests on the water to be treated, to identify the most suitable product.
  • Direct production of filtering cloths and under-cloths made for filter presses of all brands and designed to meet the needs of each customer all over the world.
  • Collaborations with the most important chemical groups that allows us to sell guaranteed and certified products at competitive prices and with a consultancy service and preliminary analysis of wastewater, in order to identify the right product for each individual customer and for each individual process, thus ensuring perfect results.
  • Supply of a complete line of products for the treatment and cleaning of stone materials with water repellents, oil repellents, rust removers, anti-aging, darkening and polishing agents.
  • Special attention is also reserved for specific products for cleaning and protection of machinery, designed to obtain, the maximum result for metal or plastic parts, including protective products with anti-rust and anti-dust action.
  • A complete range of dosing pumps for flocculants and chemical products, ph control systems, control units for the preparation and dosage of polyelectrolytes.
  • The close collaboration with leading companies in the various sectors of spare parts allows us to guarantee our customers the possibility of supplying: from pumps for any purification plant to steel decanter silos, from plates to specific products.

We have the experience and skills necessary to recommend the best detergent,, degreaser for metal parts, fluidifying agent for granite cutting mixes, thickener or protective agent for machinery and metal parts.